Class 4

Klask is somehow already a passion …

Oh guys – I’ve been around Klask for so long … I couldn’t really understand the hype about the game because I thought it was “just table football” or something … Oh God, how far I was wrong. I should have just played it. So right! But well, now I’ve stepped on the Klask train and I really appreciate what was created with it. First and foremost, a game that I have played so often in this pandemic like no other. How many hours, evenings, nights and beers I sat at the table with Klask … that’s quite a few. I recorded my experiences with the “normal” 2-person game in a video. I’ll include it here again in case it should have passed you by. And you will also get the graphic from me again 😉

Forest of lights

Schmidt Spiele has brought out another great game with the board game Forest of Lights by Drei Magier. The evil Gunthart stole the elf treasure and that made the forest of lights dark. Because only the elf treasure makes the forest shine. When Guthart was on the run, he hid all the treasures in the forest and put a spell on them.