Class 4

Klask is somehow already a passion …

Oh guys – I’ve been around Klask for so long … I couldn’t really understand the hype about the game because I thought it was “just table football” or something … Oh God, how far I was wrong. I should have just played it. So right! But well, now I’ve stepped on the Klask train and I really appreciate what was created with it. First and foremost, a game that I have played so often in this pandemic like no other. How many hours, evenings, nights and beers I sat at the table with Klask … that’s quite a few. I recorded my experiences with the “normal” 2-person game in a video. I’ll include it here again in case it should have passed you by. And you will also get the graphic from me again ?

Today it shouldn’t be about the “normal” Klask, but much more about the ROUND Klask.
Yeah, you heard right.
The round class that is not suitable for two, but for 4 people.
I couldn’t help but add it to my collection. After the normal Klask had me so so under its spell, I wanted to make sure that I don’t mess around with something great and miss something again. ?

The same in blue. And round?

Class 4 1 I’ll make it short: no, it’s not the same. Not the same either.


First of all, you need 4 people on the field and no longer just 2.
Especially the class of 2 filled some evenings and nights really well at home in the first lockdown. “Just a little Klask and then to bed, okay?” … 3 hours later: “Okay, but this is really the last round!” A duel of the special class that does not wear out.

Everyone plays against everyone in class 4. Everyone starts with 5 lives (in class of 2 you have to score 5 goals) and whenever someone concedes a goal, he loses a life. In return, he can also kick off the next round. Whoever has a life last wins. Alternatively, you can play in 2 teams, each of which is seated opposite one another. Then each team has 10 lives and tries to bring the others to zero as quickly as possible.

The Klaskerde is a disc

If there are four of you sitting at the game table and you need an ice breaker, want to fill a break or are looking for a conclusion for the evening, then Klask 4 is a really good and entertaining thing. But I can’t play this Klask variant for a whole evening. At some point my eyes no longer know where to look …

I think class 4 is much more hectic than class 2 – sure, you have a lot more opponents, suddenly. I like the all-against-all rather than the team variant, because it’s funny how alliances (only very brief) form over and over again to prevent the leader (s) from winning too early. Especially for families who often play in groups of 4, this purchase is certainly a worthwhile one when suddenly everyone can play Klask at the same time. However, I think the “normal” class is better than the class of 4 – although I also think that both are justified.

Class 4 2

Class 2 Class 4
A large playing field, which you can easily get under, even if it is more open than in the games cupboard. That thing is huge! You have to get that down first. It doesn’t fit in a normal games cabinet and it doesn’t fit on top of it either.
You can only play it for two. But watching is also fun. You can only play it exactly to 4th. Here, too, you can of course watch and switch if more people are present.
Best of three somehow always becomes best of fifteen. Best of Three may take some time.
In fact, there are different approaches that one can try to get points. Class 4 is somehow a bit more random, because I have up to 3 opponents that I want to kill all at the same time.
Here, all the game materials go flute because it’s rough, but it’s not super chaotic. Chaos arises when all 4 on the board give full throttle. (See photo of the magnet in my Cola glass. Happened. It was a direct hit. ;-))

Class 4 3

A size comparison

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