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Actually, you just want to get rid of your cards. But something is wrong with these little fruits. With only 5 rules, Verkopft creates quite a mess. Only those who react appropriately can achieve their goals.

A few small games have already been released under the Simon & Jan label. All of them have simple rules and are in the field of party or communication games.

Fast entertainment guaranteed for a wide audience. Verkopft is a card discarding game that is reminiscent of a mixture of black, red, yellow and the nasty 7. On the large, square playing cards you will find fruits, a text, the text color and a background color. The game works with an effect of our brain function. What we actually see triggers unusual actions, which of course often goes wrong in the hectic pace of the game. Although only 5 different situations can arise, concentrated play and quick thinking are required, because this is the only way to approach the goal: discarding all cards in hand.

At the beginning each player receives an equally large pile of cards. Each player in turn reveals one of his cards and places it in the middle of the table. Each card triggers a specific action that must take place over the next three seconds. If the action on the card takes too long, if the player stutters, gets entangled or if the wrong action is triggered, the other players intervene immediately. Whoever hits the pile with the flat of his hand interrupts the game. In the event of a verifiable error, the perpetrator receives around half of the cards, the remainder is distributed by the error finder to the other players.
Wrong judgment, of course, has the opposite effect. The alleged bug finder has to take all the cards.

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But which actions are required? As I said, you only have to memorize 5 possible situations. That should be feasible, shouldn’t it?

If the text is written in color, it is called the text color.
If the text is written in black, it is called the background color.
If the text is misspelled, the player is silent.
If the map is correct in all areas, you name the fruit shown.
Only with a correct plum do you call out the name of another player. He must draw two cards and the game continues.

Verkopft - game review, review of the card game by Simon & Jan 2

If you have played away all cards, you win in your head.
Of course, there is a learning curve with this game too. If you constantly train your brain, it will also work with supposed abnormalities. Therefore there are additional expert variants: Spelling mistakes are named as they are on the cards. If you laugh, you receive a card from all players. Or it is played with a metronome in order to get more tact. Either way, the game remains cerebral.


Verkupft is a funny card game that requires quick reactions. Reactions in the sense of eye-brain-mouth coordination. What do I see? What does that mean? What do i do now Since the action on newly displayed cards should take place quickly, the hectic pace takes care of the rest. The outliers of the norm among the actions often cause irritation and thus gossip. So suddenly you should be silent even though you discovered the spelling mistake. Or which colors were meant: text? Background? First of all, there is a lot to laugh about at Verkopft. The mess doesn’t allow any distraction at the gaming table. But anyone who takes it seriously learns and gets better. The expert versions come into play, two of which I like. The variant “without a laugh” makes little sense to me. Why should I keep from laughing at a game that mainly thrives on schadenfreude? The big, square cards of the game are striking. They stand for the concept of Verkopft: Simple, effective, crisp and, in their colors, absolutely suitable for parties.

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