Forest of lights

Schmidt Spiele has brought out another great game with the board game Forest of Lights by Drei Magier. The evil Gunthart stole the elf treasure and that made the forest of lights dark. Because only the elf treasure makes the forest shine. When Guthart was on the run, he hid all the treasures in the forest and put a spell on them.

If the other players manage to bring the treasures back in the correct order, then the forest can shine again. In order to find the individual treasures, the elf king Fridolin the Seventh gave you the task of remembering where they are. Only then can you bring the treasures back and the king will be very grateful for it.

Forest of Lights Instructions and rules

Game equipment

  • 4 imp and 4 light tokens each
  • 16 treasure and 16 forest tiles each
  • 1 forest plan and 1 tracing paper each
  • 3 treasure slides

Prepare to play for Forest of Lights

Before you can play for the very first time, you have to remove all the pieces from the playing field. Make sure to remove the protective film from the three treasure foils. The game is placed in the bottom of the box. Place this in the middle of the table and then slide the 16 forest tiles into the free rows. Then you decide on one of the three treasure foils and place it on top. Then put the tracing paper over it.

Now turn the box a few times so that nobody knows where which treasure is. On top of that comes the forest plan that clicks into place in the corners. Then each player takes an imp and light tile of the same color. Put them aside so that the rules of the game are clear. Then you turn up a treasure tile to know which treasure you have to look for first.

Game flow of Forest of Lights

After the youngest player starts the game continues in a clockwise direction. In your turn you first say the treasure you are about to find and then put your light card into the box. Either you decide on one of the eight forest entrances and slide the light in there or you are already in the forest and slide a forest map to get even deeper into the forest.

It is important to always push the plate where your own light is. When you push, another tile often ends up outside the forest. If it is a forest tile, you put it aside. If it is a light tile, it is returned to the player to whom it belongs. The player who was pushed out must then re-enter the forest when it is his turn.

If a light moves, the treasure also lights up. If it is the hip treasure, then you can go on and deeper into the forest. If it is the wrong treasure, then it is the next player’s turn. If you have found the treasure you are looking for, you receive the treasure tile. If you find the treasure by pushing it randomly, the other player also gets the treasure.

End of the game of Forest of Lights

The game ends when one player has discovered five treasures with two to three players and four treasures with four players.


At the beginning, of course, you don’t know where which treasure is hidden. But in the course of the game you learn more and more where these are placed. So it is important to remember exactly where which treasure is during the game. If there is a light of the other player in front of your light then you can look at it and it’s your turn again. But be careful, because if the treasure you are looking for lights up, the other player receives it. Of course, you can also take detours so as not to lead the other player to the treasure if you know where it is.


The tiles should always be pushed completely under the forest on all sides so that they do not tilt. Should that happen anyway, then you lift the forest plan, the tracing paper and the treasure foil and place the tiles underneath.

Explanatory video

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