Y'akoikésorti in December 2020? Board game “shops” outings

Y’akoikésorti in December 2020? Board game “shops” outings

This is a small subject that you find now every month on Jeudéclick. Do you like board games and don’t want to miss a thing, or almost nothing? What are the main titles released this month in stores? We tell you!

At the beginning of each month, you will find on our site the main “shops” outings of the last thirty days. Of course, not everything can be referenced but we do our best to provide you with the most complete list possible. Note that this list is based only on outings to shops in France. For other countries or regions, such as Switzerland or Quebec, differences must be taken into account.

No link is offered to online stores because we prefer to give you free choice in your purchases. Either go to your local store (also think of it!), Or acquire your precious on an e-commerce site. In addition, Jeudéclick has always refused the commercial partnerships that have been offered to us because we do not seek to monetize our site and our total independence is a value which is dear to us. So, feel free to shop wherever you want!

December 2020 releases

  • Tawantinsuyu, Pixie Games
  • Prehistories, The Flying Games
  • Patatrap Quest, Space Cow
  • Pax Pamir Second Edition, 2Tomatoes Games
  • 7 Wonders Duel Agora, Repos Production
  • Naturo Ninja Arena, Don’t Panic Games
  • Naruto Ninja Arena – Genin Pack Expansion, Don’t Panic Games
  • Cauldron Party, Oka Luda
  • Dune – The Board Game, Gale Force Nine
  • Sagrada Life, Matagot
  • Talisman – The Cold March, Matagot
  • Talisman – The Dungeon, Matagot
  • Talisman – The Grim Reaper, Matagot
  • Aeon’s End – The Void, Matagot
  • Parks – Extension Nightfall, Matagot
  • Funny Dinos, Happy Baobab
  • Imagician – Extension 1, Blam
  • Arkham Horror – JCE – The Devil’s Reef, FFG
  • Arkham Horror – JCE – War of the Outer Gods, FFG
  • The Legend of the Five Rings JCE – Honor Blazing, FFG
  • Kingdom Rush – Time Rift, Lucky Duck Games
  • Sock Hunting, Lifestyle Boardgames
  • The King’s Dilemma, Iello
  • Calico, Lucky Duck Games
  • Culinario Mortale – Mort A La Carte, Culinario Mortale
  • Instacrime, Geek Attitude Games
  • Wingspan – Oceania Extension, Matagot
  • My First Adventure – Casse-Tout Race, Game Flow
  • Calico, Lucky Duck Games
  • Ecos, Lucky Duck Games
  • Thingvellir, GRRRE Games
  • Dice Hospital – Deluxe Community Care, Super Meeple
  • Similo – Wild Animals, Gigamic
  • Similo – Animals, Gigamic

There you have it, now you can rush to your dairy or resume your normal life… See you in thirty days for some new fun outings!

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